Reader: Fuck you GABF! No tix for locals!

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Christopher Morgan
The Great American Beer Festival starts today, and tickets to the 32nd annual event, which runs through October 12 at the Colorado Convention Center, sold out within minutes this summer, leaving many would-be attendees high and dry -- very dry. To help out, we're giving away two tickets to the GABF's Saturday night session to one of the people who entered our contest by telling us about the best Colorado beer they've had so far this year. Even if you're not going to the GABF, their answers make a great drinking guide to this state; you can see the favorite Colorado beers here.

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Win two tickets to the Saturday GABF, courtesy of Westword and Visit Denver

And you can also read this answer from Glen:

Fuck you GABF!! no tix for locals!!
Did you get tickets to the Great American Beer Fest? If not, where will you be drinking instead?

Come back to Cafe Society this morning to find out who won the pair of tickets to Saturday night's GABF session.

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'Plenty' of locals also did NOT get tickets, including myself and a number of friends.  But we all signed on to Ticketmaster when they went on sale and were immediately thrown into the pointless internet 'loop-to-nowhere' of refreshing the ticket sale screen.  None of us expected to have tickets handed to us.  I just did not expect them to be sold so quickly to so many scalpers, as I saw an infuriatly large amount of overpriced tickets pop up on CraigsList and StubHub while I sat stuck in that Tickemaster screen-refresh loop from hell.  


I'm sure plenty of locals got tickets. They just didn't expect to have it handed to them.


Wow, that sucks! The Saturday Night Session doesn't have many vendors or beer left. Next year, why don't you give away tix to Thursday or Friday instead?

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