Reader: The GABF is perfect! But then, I'm still sobering up...

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Jason A. Kaplan/Brewers Association
The 32nd annual Great American Beer Festival just kicked off yesterday, and already there are plans in the works to improve future editions. There's the glitchy ticketing process which shut out many would-be attendees -- not to mention would-be brewery participants -- this year. For example, after negotiating with Visit Denver, which books the Colorado Convention Festival, the GABF will finally get more space -- but not until 2015. Is that good news?

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"No," responds one reader. "It's big enough, no?," says another. What other changes would you like to see at the GABF?

Says Emily:

There should be shuttles so people don't have to drive or pay for overpriced taxis for the event!!

Says Frank:

The Great American Beer Festival is perfect as it is. But then, I'm still sobering up from last night!
Is the GABF perfect? Will you be there tonight?

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