Reader: Green chile wouldn't make the top 50 list of Colorado's culinary contributions

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The last of the chiles are being pulled from Colorado gardens, and the smell of roasting chiles permeates the air along Federal Boulevard and select other parts of town.

Most of those chiles will wind up in Denver's thicker version of New Mexico's green chile, which could be this city's biggest contribution to the culinary scene -- or is it?

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Says Denver Dave:

I think if you've traveled much, what you'll find Colorado is most famous for is Rocky Ford Cantaloupes, Olathe Sweet Corn, and maybe the best lamb in the world. Green chile wouldn't even make the top 50 list.
What culinary marvels do you think Colorado should be known for? Rocky Mountain oysters? The chains that got their start here, including Smashburger and Chipotle? The cheeseburger, which was allegedly invented here? The Mexican hamburger, which was definitely invented here? Craft beer?

Put your suggestions below.

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I've traveled a lot, and I'd definitely agree with the lamb thing.  I've seen "Colorado Lamb" trumpeted on menus from San Francisco to New York, and even in Spain and Italy.  I've never heard of anyone outside of Colorado knowing what Olathe corn is though.  Rocky Ford Cantaloupe has indeed been a well-known foodstuff for sometime, though these days it might not be famous for the best reasons.

I think that if tourists were visiting Denver and seeking out a restaurant meal that was a regional specialty, the smart ones might seek out lamb, but no one would think of corn and cantaloupe. 

 I'm still guessing that the most common comment from visitors who've visited several casual restaurants in our fair city is "They put this green chile stuff on everything!"

davebarnes topcommenter

Garbanzo, Noodles, Tokyo Joe's, Good Times, Quiznos, Qdoba all began in [greater] Denver.

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