Can Harman's eat & drink rise above its Cherry Creek location?

Danielle Lirette
Harman's moved into the former home of Phat Cherry Creek.
When Mark Fischer's Phat Thai closed this summer and opened a few weeks later as Harman's eat & drink, people wondered whether the identity change would be enough, given the location of the restaurant. Cherry Creek isn't Highland, after all, or even South Pearl Street. But executive chef John Little, who spent time at Fischer's The Pullman in Glenwood Springs, says he's been through that kind of doubt before.

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"It's kind of the same thing we went through with The Pullman," says Little. "Nobody thought you could cook high-end. People said, 'We don't want that Aspen food in our

Judging by The Pullman's success, however, people did want that kind of food in Glenwood Springs. And Little is hoping the same will be true for Cherry Creek North. Find out if Harman's food is good enough to quell talk about the spot's location once and for all when my review of Harman's eat & drink is posted on tomorrow.

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Harman's eat and drink

2900 E. 2nd Ave., Denver, CO

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