Reader: The worst restaurant in America is everywhere -- it's McDonald's

We were surprised last week to find that the third-worst restaurant in America might well be in Denver -- and it's not Casa Bonita. It's Ho Mei, a trio of Chinese joints previously known -- if they were known at all, for their cheap prices. Meanwhile, another cheap chain continues to operate right under our noses -- the world's leading food service retailer in 118 countries, with more than 34,000 restaurants serving nearly 69 million people every day.

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Says Ellen:

All of America shares THE worst restaurant in the country: McDonald's.
Do you agree? When you're looking for cheap, fast food, where do you go?

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Casa Bonita

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Ian StClair
Ian StClair

Arby's, Taco Bell? There are plenty of franchise places that I just never go because the food is just so bad in every way that it can be.


McDonalds's is low-quality food, indifferently prepared.  But it's not "bad" per se - there are millions of people who love and crave McD's, so obviously they appeal to their target demographic.  Whereas places like Ho Mei don't appeal to anyone - no one secretly loves dirty surroundings, flavorless rock-hard chicken, etc., they just put up with it because for whatever reason, they're sitting in the restaurant and have to eat something.  So, I'd argue that Ho Mei and its ilk are legitimately bad, whereas you just may not like McD's.    

Scott Petrovits
Scott Petrovits

Yeah, they're sooo horrible, publishing their ingredients lists and nutritional information, and forcing you to eat their food. Monsters.

Kevin Juhasz
Kevin Juhasz

Shockingly, there are burger places around far worse than McDonald's. Places that make McDonald's look gourmet.

Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds

I got a steak at a not-to-be-named restaurant near Columbine High School that was 3/4ths fat and was inedible. That sort of thing has never happened at McDonalds. So long as McDonalds isn't your only source of eats, it's fine.

Peace Will Win
Peace Will Win

poison, and they know it, and people do not care....lose, lose

Mantonat topcommenter

@monopod Or you could argue that McDonald's is just Ho Mei with an enormous marketing budget. I went a long time without eating McDonald's and when I finally went back, I realized that the hamburgers actually taste pretty bad. And I'm not trying to make some kind of moral statement about evil corporations. I just think most of the flavors seem chemically enhanced and overly salty. The burgers gray and bland other than the salt and have no juice or meaty texture. You sink your teeth into one and its just the same texture all the way through, from the bun to the middle of the patty. The fries are a little more appealing, but it's primarily salt and crunch. Overall, I think the quality of the eating experience per dollar is about the same as at any cheap per-scoop place. If they weren't already as successful as they are, I doubt they could actually launch a successful restaurant with that food.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

@Steve Reynolds  

Why won't you name the place?

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