The Sink is a classic -- and so was muralist Llloyd Kavich

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The murals covering the walls at The Sink on the Hill in Boulder are as iconic as the many signatures of University of Colorado students scrawled on the ceiling. But while these lively murals will live on, their creator, Llloyd Kavich, has passed away.

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The Sink is a Boulder institution that has existed in one form or another for the past ninety years. For a brief period in the '80s, it was Herbie's Deli, but otherwise it's been a local watering hole dedicated to serving pizza, burgers and beer to hungry students and Boulder residents alike.

The Sink has also hosted President Barack Obama, Anthony Bourdain, Guy Fieri (their signatures are displayed along with thousands of others) and Robert Redford, who worked there while attending CU and is immortalized in the murals.

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Robert Redford
Kavich created the murals in 1952, then came back in 1989 to repair the ones that had been covered up during the deli era; he also painted some new ones when the Sink was remodeled in 1995.

The Sink isn't the only restaurant in the area with great murals -- although its paintings are certainly among the oldest. The painted benches at the British Bulldog (formerly the Punch Bowl) are definitely older. What other memorable restaurant murals can you think of? Post your suggestions below.

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Arlien Johnson
Arlien Johnson

Gee haven't thought about the Sink in years. I went there 50 years ago.

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