Paleo Diet guru Loren Cordain endorses first product: the Paleo Diet Bar

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"It takes me back to the Cinnamon Life cereal of my childhood," says Todd Sledge of the cinnamon-raisin flavored Paleo Diet Bar.

Sledge, along with his wife, Shauna, founded the Fort Collins-based the Paleo Diet Foods , which just launched its initial product, the Paleo Diet Bar. The raw food meal-replacement bar is the first product endorsed by Dr. Loren Cordain, creator of the Paleo Diet.

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Cordain, a Colorado State University professor, has been approached numerous times to endorse paleo products; he says he chose to put his name behind the Paleo Diet Bar because it has "a recipe that carries nutritional weight and is scientifically sound."

The Paleo Diet, often referred to as the caveman or Stone Age diet, mimics the eating habits of our prehistoric ancestors, eliminating dairy, grain, legumes, potatoes, refined salt and sugar, and processed oils. Paleo eaters instead consume grass-fed meats, poultry, eggs, tree nuts, fruit and vegetables.

While the Paleo Diet Bar may be the flagship product of the Paleo Diet Foods, the Sledges are no strangers to the nutritional bar world; they own Braaap Nutrition, which also makes meal-replacement bars, and were inspired to make a dairy-free bar after their customers continuously requested one. But rather than just make a dairyless version of the Braaap Bar, which is aimed at athletes, the Sledges, both paleo eaters, opted to target their community, too.

The Paleo Diet bar is made with fruits, nuts, berries and seeds. The Sledges swapped out date paste, which many bar-makers use for binding, and instead use dehydrated egg white to hold the bar together while also doubling as a source of protein. Most paleo bars on the market are carbohydrate heavy, with only four to five grams of protein; the Paleo Diet Bar boasts has seventeen grams of protein, allowing for nearly equal parts fat, carbohydrates and protein, a key principle of the Paleo Diet. The bar, which contains all nine essential amino acids, is gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free, and retails for $2.89; it also comes in cranberry almond.

"The Paleo Diet Bar is a game changer in the food nutrition bar market," Shauna Sledge bars.

Although the bar is so new it has yet to hit the shelves of area grocery stores, you can order it on the Paleo Diet Foods website.

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Paleontologist Dr. Alan Walker, of Johns Hopkins University, led a comprehensive study on the teeth markings on humanoid fossils. A NY Times article reported his conclusions: "Every tooth of the hominids of the 12 million year period leading up to Homo Erectus appeared to be that of a fruit eater." So meat eating probably played a very small role in human development. The diets of our closest primate relatives of today may include small amounts of meat and insects, but they probably account for no more than 1-3% of calorie intake. In the last 75 years, animal product consumption in Western society has zoomed to unprecedented levels, and now provides about 30% of our calories. Which would seem to explain why nearly all Americans have cardiovascular disease. Carnivores and genuine omnivores can eat all the animal fat and cholesterol they want without requiring bypass surgery. Not so true for humans...

No matter what advancements we make in nutritional science, we will always have people who remain in the stone age.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

I have to say - I love the company name Braaap Nutrition. Sounds like a noise that would fit right in with the Paleo lifestyle in fact :) 


Nothing makes me feel more like a caveman than gripping the plastic wrapping of a Paleo Diet Bar (TM) ($2.89 at my neighborhood Vitamin Cottage) between my teeth, and ripping for all I'm worth, to get into that gluten-free goodness within. 

(Usually on the second or third rip, granted; that plastic is tougher than a fucking coconut husk, but whatevs...)


@jc00...  You quote a single sentence of Dr. Alan Walker and then go on to create several of your own sentences of unsubstantiated information.   "Nearly all Americans have cardiovascular disease?"...  What? 


@whatisthewhat @jc00 Almost every autopsy of American soldiers killed in the Korean War showed visible signs of atherosclerosis. Autopsies of North Koreans show little or no signs! Same with the Vietnam War.


@jc00 @whatisthewhat North Koreans, huh?  You mean the people starving to death?  I guess it is hard to develop atherosclerosis when you have NOTHING to eat.

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