Photos: Epic Brewing's new taproom attracts beer lovers from far and wide

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Jim Wills
Epic Brewing premiered its spacious new taproom with a blowout last Saturday, serving 25 beers -- from a delicate sage saison to a hearty coffee stout -- and showing off the work it has been doing over the past six months. Bigger than the average taproom, Salt Lake City-based Epic's new home -- and its reputation -- will likely draw drinkers from across Colorado to River North, boosting the fortunes of the other breweries in the neighborhood as well.

Westword photographer Jim Wills dropped in on the grand opening; see all of his photos in our Epic Taproom opening slide show.

Jim Wills

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Epic Brewing

3001 Walnut St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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It's a great space with great beers.  With that said, I have a suggestion.  Get rid of the televisions.  Taprooms don't need them.  People gather there for fellowship and great beer.  The great space is a bonus.  The televisions detract from all of that.

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