Strange Brewing, Odyssey Beerwerks will take a beer-naming duel to the streets

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Tim Myers and Chris Hill are in double trouble. They've both been brewing a Scotch ale (a strong, sweet, caramel-colored beer) called Caber Toss and selling it out of their respective breweries -- Myers at Strange Brewing and Hill at Odyssey Beerwerks.

Rather than turn this trouble into a legal matter, however, the two brewers have decided to handle the issue the old-fashioned way: with a knock-down, drag-out duel.

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"He obviously thinks his is better, and I think mine is way better," Myers says. So they're going to let the public decide, by tapping the beer at two different venues, Black Sky Brewery and Colorado Plus, and asking drinkers to vote for their favorite.

The stakes aren't very high -- the loser has to wear a T-shirt with the other brewery's logo -- and neither brewery is planning to package its Caber Toss, anyway. But Myers and Hill thought the battle would serve to highlight how in the increasingly litigious world of craft-beer naming rights, breweries can collaborate...rather than sue one another.

"We want to have some fun with this and play up the fact that we are not too worried about having the same-named brew," Myers says. "Hopefully, we can set a new standard for how to handle naming rights."

And both breweries have had their share of naming problems. Strange is currently embroiled in a bitter trademark dispute with a similarly named homebrew shop in Massachusetts, while Odyssey, which opened its doors in Arvada in May, has already changed the name of two of its canned beers to avoid something similar. And, in fact, it's also changing the name of its Caber Toss -- to Warrior Clan.

But that's no reason to skip a fight that promises to be a lot of fun. The showdown will take place at 5 p.m. Tuesday, October 8, as part of Denver Beer Fest, the annual week-long lead-up to the Great American Beer Festival.

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Black Sky Brewery

490 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO

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Colorado Plus Brew Pub

6995 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO

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Mackenzie Royal
Mackenzie Royal

High Five guys....seriously! This is a fun idea....though I think and actual cabre toss would have been super awesome :) Too bad the folks in Mass. can't play nice.


@Erica Vaughn Yes, I'm sure that every issue you deem worthy of your attentions carries great gravitas and cannot be questioned. What "issue" should we all be rabidly focused on this week? Gluten?Somalia? Dolphins in tuna nets in Japan? Tell us, please. Shockingly, there are those of us who are capable of caring about those larger, more-global concerns AND the smaller-gauge ones that appear right before us - even **gasp** some fun ones! - without measurable lack of ardor for either. It's called "being well-rounded" (google it) or, if you're a modern kinda gal, "multi-tasking". Really, why did you post this Twitter-pated thing at all? Were you afraid that our collective lack of proper focus on what's important would somehow be attributed to you? Here's a thought that will save you a mountain of time for more important things: let all us unenlightened peons wallow in our ignorance and just click onto something else, something worthy of you. That'll teach all us mouth-breathers...better, in fact, that a tiny spurt of smarm.


@Erica Vaughn Yes, I'm sure all your concerns are very weighty and carry a gravitas that cannot be challenged. What is it this week? Whales? Gluten? Somalia? Some people can think about larger problems and those smaller-gauge ones that are right in front of them, too, with no loss of ardor about either one. It's called "being well rounded" or, similarly, "being a complete person". You can use "multi-tasking" , too, if you're a modern gal. How ever you say it, you might try it sometime, so that that little judgmental gremlin on your shoulder maybe gets bored and falls off. Which would be, as Martha says, "A Good Thing".

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