The twenty goriest and most gruesome Halloween cakes (and one very disturbing baby cake video)


There's gross -- and there's gross anatomy, the deeply gruesome and gory body parts that hit the table on Halloween, the one day of the year when demonic bakers emerge from their caldrons and devise recipes that make your stomach turn green. The cakes on the following pages, all allegedly edible, are not of the candy corn type. No, these are the twisted works of deranged minds, the kind who find morbid fun in making sure that the rest of us have reoccurring nightmares, even after the haunted houses have retired to the grave. These cakes are proof that bakers aren't afraid to glorify the creep factor. And the there's Dan Gentle, a cake designer who created the "baby cake" -- a cake that may very well be one of the most disturbingly good-in-all-the-wrong-ways works of diabolical art you've ever seen. Proceed with caution when you flip the page.

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Kaylyn Hunt
Kaylyn Hunt

It's cake, so... yeah, I'd eat that. Well, depending on what flavor it is.

Kelley Koch
Kelley Koch

The baby cake is wrong and twisted. Yikes! But the rest are badass!

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