Xtreme Action, an MMA-themed bar, to open in Champa Square

Xtreme Action's Facebook Page
If you're looking for a sports bar -- but want to watch a sport other than football or basketball, you'll be in luck come December, when Xtreme Action American Grill & Sports Bar will open downtown in Champa Square.

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It will have a mixed martial arts theme, trying to achieve for MMA what Hard Rock has for music, says co-owner Dennis Daugherty. He and his partner, Colter Lillich, have been working on this concept for three years, he says.

The restaurant will feature typical sports bar fare, with everything from burgers to wings to steaks, as well as a "coach's corner" section of the menu, tailored to health-conscience clients.

For those who are not MMA fans, the restaurant will also show other sporting events, and there will be usual scantily clad sports-bar waitstaff. The restaurant's Facebook page has pictures of prospective waitresses that leave little to the imagination.

Xtreme Action has a tentative opening date of December 1.

Location Info

Xtreme Action American Grill & Sports Bar - CLOSED

1600 Champa Street, Denver, CO

Category: Music

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WillieStortz topcommenter

With Extreme Action opening on the 16th Street Mall, I have an idea on how they can provide some great entertainment, and help provide jobs for the homeless panhandlers that currently litter the mall.

Presenting live, every night of the week at Extreme Action- BUM FIGHTS!!!!!

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