The Candlelight unveils its facelift -- let there be light!

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The Candlelight has been a ray of light on South Pearl Street for close to sixty years...but the original sign out front (above) was looking a little dim. So last month the owners, who bought the classic tavern fifteen years ago, started giving the Candlelight a facelift.

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And here's the result!

"It needed painting and touch-up, so we had that done," says Lisa Bryan, who still owns the place with Dave Bryan, her now ex-husband. (They also bought the Kentucky Inn five years ago.) "And what a difference. As they started painting, the light kept going out...they ended up replacing almost half the neon sign there. That's why it took so long."

On Friday, November 8, they'll host a grand reopening of the Candlelight -- not that it ever closed -- with an official lighting of the neon and $2 specialty shots.

But while the bar has gotten a facelift, the Candlelight remains focused on its mission. "We're a dive bar, we're a neighborhood dive bar, we're proud of that," says Lisa. "We're proud of the historical part of it."

That history keeps growing: The Candlelight had a cameo in The Shining, and more recently they've participated in the Denver Burger Battle. Although the Candlelight's burger didn't win, it gets rave reviews as a regular menu item -- and there's one thing about the place that remains unbeatable.

Its atmosphere. "It's that Cheers environment," Lisa says, "where everybody really knows your name."

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Candlelight Tavern

383 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

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davebarnes topcommenter

I love old neon signs.


My grandparents lived a few blocks away on South Pennsylvania Street in the 1960's. Whenever my grandmother couldn't find my grandpa she'd walk over to the Candlelight and locate him on a stool at the bar. My husband and I live in the neighborhood now (on the same street!) I keep thinking we should go to the Candleight and have a shot in honor of old Willam Halligan. Seeing this post has motivated me. Thanks Patty!

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