Cantina closes, will turn into Krewe -- a New Orleans barbecue spot

The Cantina has closed. Curt Sims and his wife, singer/chef Pam Savage, had opened the casual spot last spring, in the Golden Triangle space most recently occupied by the Hive. With the transition, the address returned to its roots: Sims owns the building, which long ago was the Denver Buffalo Company; the couple ran Cielo, an upscale Mexican restaurant, in the space after that, before leasing it to various clubs, then taking it over again last year. But even true Texas-style puffy tacos and good margaritas were not enough of a draw to keep this incarnation alive.

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And now Sims is going back to an earlier plan: The space is being taken over by the crew at Stoney's Bar and Grill, the successful restaurant/bar/gathering place next door, which will reopen it as Krewe Crescent City Bar B Que.

After the Hive buzzed off in May 2012, Stoney's owners, Stoney Jesseph and Will Trautman, had planned to open Krewe, a New Orleans-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar (with a special love for Saints fans) in the space, but instead wound up focusing on opening their second spot, Stoney's Full Steam Tavern, in a LoDo location that had also seen many, many concepts come and go.

But with Stoney's Full Steam now going full-steam ahead, the pair have resurrected their original plan for 1109 Lincoln Street. Watch for a quick turnaround on Krewe, which should open next month.


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Cantina - CLOSED

1109 Lincoln St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Courtney Wyatt
Courtney Wyatt

There isn't such a thing as New Orleans BBQ, please prove me wrong... Houston BBQ maybe! Either way, wishing you the best and good luck!

Brandon Sims
Brandon Sims

sad a place closed but awesome news about Krewe! Hopefully Denver peeps can keep Krewe going strong. The Nola style restaurants have come and gone through the years

JessandChanning Powers
JessandChanning Powers

aw, man. my husband and i went to the cantina almost every week over the summer for their happy hour and live music! sad to see them go! they had great mojitos.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

When that place opens, they're gonna stomp some rump.


@Brandon Sims Heads up if you haven't heard: Gumbo's re-opened on 17th Ave over a year ago. The food is better than ever.

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