DIA now has the healthiest airport food in the country

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When you think of snacking at Denver International Airport, you may think of Panda Express or Burger King. But according to the latest annual study by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, DIA now has the healthiest airport food in the country, and tops the list for the first time in a decade.

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Last year DIA ranked only ninth, but this year it's number one. According to the study, today there are plenty of options for the health-conscious at DIA, including a wrap from Itza Wrap! Itza Bowl!, a barley burger from Boulder Beer Tap House and a few of the vegetarian options at City Wok. (Not on that list: the chicken-fried steak breakfast burrito at Elway's.)

According to DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery, the airport has been making a "conscious decision" to offer a variety of choices for travelers. "We're bringing chef-driven concepts and healthier options," Montgomery says. "We know that passengers want variety, and we've been listening to the needs of those passengers."

Over the next few years, almost 75 percent of the concessions will be changing due to expiring contracts, he adds, so passengers will see more variety and more health-friendly options in the future.

Tied for the number two spot were Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport and Chicago O'Hare International Airport. In last place was Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International AIrport, with just 53 or their 103 in airport eateries offering healthy options.

Here's a full list of the restaurants currently at DIA:

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Boulder Beer Tap House
Burger King
Candy Shoppe
Cantina Grill
Caribou Coffee
Chef Jimmy's Bistro & Spirits
City Wok
CofTea Shop
Colorado Sports Bar
Crú Food and Wine Bar
Dazbog Coffee
Denver ChopHouse
Domino's Pizza
Dunkin' Donuts
Einstein Bros. Bagels
Heidi's Brooklyn Deli
Hope's Country Fresh Cookies
Itza Wrap! Itza Bowl!
Jamba Juice
KFC Express/Pizza Hut Express
Lefty's Colorado Trail Grille
Lefty's Front Range Grille
Lefty's Mile High Bar & Grill
Lounge 5280 Wine Bar
Mesa Verde
New Belgium Hub
New Belgium Spoke
Pizza Hut Express/Haagen Daz
Panda Express
Pour La France!
Que Bueno! Mexican Grille
Quiznos/Blue Sky Bar
Red Rocks Bar & BBQ
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
Rocky Mountain Coffee Café
Root Down
Starbucks Coffee
Steak Escape
TCBY Frozen Yogurt
Taco Bell Express
Tamales by La Casita
Timberline Steaks & Grille
Udi's Café and Bar
Vertical Mile Market
Villa Pizza
Vino Volo
Wolfgang Puck
Woody Creek Bakery & Café

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Amy Nicole
Amy Nicole

DIA has a Taco Bell. That's not healthy...if that is what is considered healthy in this country well...then that is embarrassing.

Amber Richardson
Amber Richardson

I was really happy to see them last there last time I flew out. The best part is the waterbottle filling station with free ionized water.

Jeffrey B. Besecker
Jeffrey B. Besecker

I thought the demon-horse had corralled at Stapleton? Maybe another urban myth like hidden illuminati?

Scott Ingalsbe
Scott Ingalsbe

Can you buy weed there? Ya know, to make you hungry?

Holly Shuler
Holly Shuler

yeah, it's a pretty awful place. I dread going there.

John Paul Rojas
John Paul Rojas

Umm? That's healthy? Only thing missing is a crack house.

Holly Shuler
Holly Shuler

I disagree fervently - DIA is so stressful...no amount of so called healthy food can make up for that. I find Portland INT Airport to be very healthy however.

Susanne Martinez
Susanne Martinez

They got to have good food there, it's survival of the fittest. And DIA is the world governments dooms day bunker.

Fred Kaplan
Fred Kaplan

Nice promotion for the food shops at DIA. While the food supposedly is the healthiast, how healthy is it on a travelers wallet?

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