Cafe Mercato will be the first of four new restaurants in Lowry's Hangar 2 "dining district"

A development group broke ground today on the first of four restaurants planned for two new buildings outside of Hangar 2, the historic building in the Lowry neighborhood that once held Air Force planes when the area was a military base. Hangar 2 Partners -- a partnership between Larimer Associates and Hartman-Ely Investments -- is calling the mixed-used development the "Lowry Dining District."

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Café Mercato will be an Italian eatery from Giancarlo Macchiarella, the executive chef-owner of Locanda del Borgo. Expected to open in the fall of 2014, Cafe Mercato will feature shareable Italian dishes and an expansive wine "library."

Hangar 2 itself already houses several businesses, including the Lowry Beer Garden, the Laughing Latte coffee shop and a large storage company.

"Hangar 2 is a special project for us, and we're very proud of it," Larimer Associates chief operating officer Joe Vostrejs told a crowd at the ground-breaking that included Mayor Michael Hancock. "We are bringing a new building to life while preserving history."

Eventually, the project will include four restaurants -- including fine dining, ethnic cuisine and a neighborhood pub -- all with large patios, landscaping and public art, Vostrejs added. When it's complete, it will create up to 200 jobs.

The project was designed by Semple Brown Design and is being built by Rand Construction. The builders received $2 million in tax increment financing from Denver Urban Renewal Authority, which is run by the city.

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Ethnic cuisine, you say? Interesting.

Since that area is very close to the epicenter (for lack of a better term) of our Burmese, Karen, and Bhutanese/Lhotshampa communities, it would be nice if an eatery representing one of these popped up there.

But I have a feeling that particular space might be a bit too $$$$....

Holly Elkins
Holly Elkins

It's been more than two years and they are finally getting their first restaurant.

Steven M Palmer
Steven M Palmer

And to think I went to a hella-huge rave in that very building back around 97... :D

Jevan Russell
Jevan Russell

It sound like it would be a big food court mall thing with different vendors that will serve your table.

Yuke Toofte
Yuke Toofte

so it's an indoor dining food court?

Amanda Parris
Amanda Parris

It seems that's all there is in Lowry.. places to eat and my office building next to a school so we can't park to go to work. Maybe we should fix existing problems before starting new ones.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Amanda Parris Yes, like the problems of commuter congestion and pollution caused by our reliance on single-passenger automobiles.

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