Six best coffee stops on Larimer Street

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Nate Hemmert
Coffee's now on at MegaFauna.

The twenty-plus blocks stretching up Larimer Street from Speer Boulevard have become a real restaurant row, full of ambitious dining rooms and casual comfort joints, bars both upscale and still down-and-dirty. And dotted through those blocks are coffee spots-- some dating back decades, some just open (MegaFauna's little in-store cafe, for example, just a block away on Blake Street), with many more to come. Last week we profiled the twelve best restaurants on Larimer Street. Today we're pouring out the six best places to get a perfect coffee pour -- and then stick around to enjoy it.

Here, in no particular order, are the six best coffee stops on Larimer Street.

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Cassandra Kotnik
6) The Market
1445 Larimer Street
The Market is a Denver landmark that's seen almost three decades of change on this street. But the charms of the Market remain a constant, from the walls lined with classic deli goods to the pastry cases filled with fresh cookies, chocolates, sandwiches and hot lunch items. Locals and visitors alike who grab a seat in the cozy, welcoming interior or onthe perfectly situated patio in the morning for a quick cup of coffee and great people-watching -- might just find themselves staying into the afternoon.

Hunter Stevens
5) Hi Rise
2162 Larimer Street
Hi Rise has become a neighborhood mainstay for the new neighborhood springing up around the Ballpark. The regulars are fans of the breakfast sandwiches and authentic bagels, freshly baked artisan bread and an ever-changing variety of sweet delights (stuffed cinnamon toast, anyone?). Stop in for a cup of locally-roasted coffee and you'll find it hard not to leave with something else -- especially as Hi*Rise takes advantage of its location by the nearby Great Divide Brewing Company to use that brewery's beer in treats from brownies to shortbread.

Cassandra Kotnik
4) Snooze
2262 Larimer Street
If you're not braving the famously long weekend brunch line, you can skip the wait and head directly to the bar for some of Snooze's exclusive organic coffee -- which is picked, roasted and flown in directly from Guatemala every week. Whether your buzz comes in the form of a house cup latte or dirty chai, a stack of pancakes could be just the thing to level you out.

Mark Manger
3) Crepes 'n Crepes
1512 Larimer Street
You may be looking for just a cup of coffee, but from the second you step under the French blue awning, you'll be entranced by the extensive menu of Crepes 'n Crepes' namesake, served sweet or savory, breakfast-style, and entirely French. A tart, buttery Crepe Suzette or a Poulet Au Gratin pairs perfectly with a steaming cup of Lavazza, especially when enjoyed on the quaint patio in these final days of Indian summer.

Ariel Fried
2) Hutch and Spoon
3090 Larimer Street
This rustic RiNo cafe is a gem on one of the sparser stretches of Larimer, serving up crisp breakfast sandwiches and hearty salads on vintage china. The coffee is fresh and strong, but don't miss the cult-favorite, housemade sodas, which come in varieties like mango jasmine and black cherry-vanilla.

1) Crema
2862 Larimer Street
Crema utilizes masterful coffee-brewing methods, featuring coffee from a handful of lovingly selected (and some legendary) roasters. The cool, cozy space is peopled with the ever-changing works of local artists, and the atmosphere is conducive to lingering conversations that spill right into the lunch hour. Which is a perfect time to order a plate of the sweet potato waffles or Moroccan meatballs that hint at Crema's family ties: After opening the coffeehouse, the owners opened The Populist just up the street.

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The Market

1445 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Hi Rise

2162 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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2262 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Crepes 'n Crepes

1512 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Hutch and Spoon

3090 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Crema Coffee House

2862 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: General

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