The Shoppe will close its doors today, then celebrate with "Cupcake Prom" Saturday


The Shoppe, a little bakery and cupcake shop that was at the vanguard of the regentrification of East Colfax Avenue by the Bluebird District, is moving on after today.

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For the past six years, the shop at 3103 East Colfax Avenue has served an ever-changing menu of cupcakes, as well as cereal, coffee and made-to-order pies.According to one of the owners, the team is "just ready to move on and do different things. Do something new."

Today is the Shoppe's official last day, but there will be a free "Cupcake Prom" at the store on Saturday, November to celebrate the end of a delicious era.

And when the next era starts, it's likely to involve a bakery-related pop-up.

Location Info

The Shoppe - CLOSED

3103 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Tina Slaveone
Tina Slaveone

Lame!! They had the best cupcakes around. :(

Pamela Meredith
Pamela Meredith

Noooooooooo! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Now where am I going to find Red Velvet Cupcakes?

Tony Barela
Tony Barela

Rita, you never got to come here....

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Wow. For some reason it seems like they've been there a lot longer than that.

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