Reader: Another coffee shop in yuppified Cap Hill? Stop the alternative presses!

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Thump Coffee opened last week in Capitol Hill, and Cafe Society was there to take pictures of the place and talk with one of the owners, who brought the concept here from Portland. "We're trying to educate people that coffee isn't this burnt, pungent, bitter, harsh, carbon-y substance that a lot of corporate brands are making it out to be," says Bobby Grover, who opened Thump with business partners Zak Anderson and Jay Junkin. "Our mission is to make coffee that doesn't require cream or sugar."

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But you might need some sweetener to swallow this comment:

Another coffee shop in yuppified Cap Hill? Stop! Alert the alternative presses. In other news, the sky is gray, bears shit in the woods, and gastro-reviews from self-important liberal arts graduates just plain SUCK.
When a new dining/drinking establishment opens in the metro area, Cafe Society is there to tell you about it. Ditto for when a dining/drinking establishment closes -- as The Desk, another coffeehouse on East 13th Avenue, just did. Do you appreciate these updates? What would you rather read about on Cafe Society?

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Thump Coffee

1201 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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Mantonat topcommenter

I remember back in the 80's when there were hardly any good coffee shops and guys wearing Deep Purple t-shirts and bandannas tied around their ankles went around calling everyone yuppies. 


I work in Cap Hill and I'm pretty certain it isn't getting yuppified. Cap Hill's population has remained the same steady mix of hipsters and halfway houses for the 5 years I've been working here. I don't think this commenter even knows what a yuppie is.


Some people just like to show how cool and hip they are by ripping others.  Yes, the updates in Cafe Society are welcomed.  As for another coffee shop in Capitol Hill, yay capitalism!  If there are too many, some will fail.  If none fail, well, I guess another coffee shop was a welcome addition.

WillieStortz topcommenter

Don't worry about Cap Hill becoming yuppified. It's still dirty, filthy, and crime ridden.

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