25 things you never knew about Patrick Karbon, bartender at Crash 45

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As Westword's Ask the Bartender columnist, I've talked with many bartenders for Cafe Society's "Behind the Bar" series, posing numerous questions to Denver's top bartenders...and often receiving the same answers: "I love chartreuse," or "I'm really into smoked cocktails/barrel aging/bottled cocktails."

See also: A bartender by any other name...is still a bartender.

Some time ago, a Facebook friend posted 25 things about himself that most people weren't aware of -- and then he tagged me in the post, at which point I was supposed to do the same: rattle off 25 little-known facts about myself and ask someone else to follow suit. Instead, I'm asking Denver's bartenders to get up and close with Westword readers and share 25 lesser known tidbits about themselves -- and then name the next bartender that I should interview.

In mid-August, ten Denver bartenders and I participated in a Habitat for Humanity day in the Globeville neighborhood. The temperature hovered around 98 degrees, and we were up on a roof all day, so to say that we were hot and dirty would be an understatement. By the time we were done, we really needed an ice-cold beer, and we knew that Crash 45, this eclectic bar owned by artist, welder and musician Shane Evans, was around the corner, but unfortunately it wasn't open. Luckily, we were with Mike Huggins, owner of Arvada Tavern, who happens to be friends with Crash 45's manager-cook-bartender Patrick Karbon, so Mike gave him a call, and Patrick was kind enough to open his doors early for our filthy, sweaty lot. The tequila and beer flowed, and I fell in love with the quirky little bar. And Karbon is the perfect host, not to mention everything else a bartender should be. I highly encourage you to check out Crash 45.

In this week's edition of "25 things," Karbon tells us how he flipped Eminem's studio, invites us to the world's largest jart tournament and reveals that he hosts a dating game at Crash 45.

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Crash 45

321 E. 45th Ave., Denver, CO

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Kevin Kirkland
Kevin Kirkland

thats my fucking boyfriend you fucking faggot!! I will shit on your chest and jack you off onto the floor your fucking homo!!

Meghan Howes
Meghan Howes

Oh good, maybe this will keep the schmucks OUT OF GLOBEVILLE. Props to Crash 45 (best bar in Denver, hands down) and Patrick!

Roberta Shaver
Roberta Shaver

Wow... Tis' the season to be... ( apparently from the above posts minus Brian) sarcastic. While I don't frequent Crash 45 or even noticed the bartender while I was there) It's a nice bar off the radar- try it out. The owner seems like a nice guy. Fun patio in the summer. As for the article mentioning the bartender ( once it gets fixed) if you don't care to read it then don't. However, think for a moment about the other less than positive stuff that you might read... I hope the article tell a story of a guy who is part of our community and his diversity. But if it doesn't then who really cares? I just wonder why people have to be mean

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

Who and where? Never heard of either but it's good to know places to avoid

Ski Steve
Ski Steve

26. Didn't know his name. 27. Didn't know he existed.

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