Timing was everything for adding Comida Cantina to The Source

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Comida Cantina in Longmont, Rayme Rossello's first brick-and-mortar spot.
When Rayme Rossello was first approached via e-mail by the developers of The Source, she declined their invitation to become part of the proposed project in RiNo. "I wrote back, 'No thanks,'" recalls Rossello, because she had her hands full with the restaurant she'd opened a few weeks prior. That restaurant was Comida Cantina in Longmont, the first brick-and-mortar location of the food truck she'd launched two years prior.

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Comida, Rayme Rosello's cantina, opens in The Source

Lori Midson
Comida Cantina at The Source.
But as time went by, she realized there was more breathing room in the timeframe than she'd initially thought, and she reconsidered. "I do good with longterm goals," she says.

And now she's happy she did. Since Comida Cantina opened in the Source at the end of August, business has been "amazing," she says.

Find out if the food is just as amazing when my review of Comida Cantina is posted here tomorrow.

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Comida Cantina

721 Confidence Drive, Longmont, CO

Category: Restaurant

Comida Cantina

3350 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Love Comida and simple things like their Salsa Trio (choose from five sparklingly fresh salsas and don't hesitate to ask for more "chips" -- deep fried mini tortillas you break apart). Fresh and flavorful marks everything I've eaten here. I love bringing friends who haven't been to The Source, but Comida is the reason we keep coming back... okay, and the bakery, Babette's.


That's the concept behind "small plates." Order more than one, or take friends and order several. This is food best shared.

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