A six-pack of historic bars where you can toast the repeal of Prohibition today

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Today marks the eightieth anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition -- reason to drink! Sadly, the Teller House Bar in Central City -- which was open on that great day in 1933 -- is not pouring right now, but other longtime watering holes definitely are, just as they were on December 5, 1933. Keep reading for a six-pack of historic spots where you can raise a glass.

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6) Buffalo Rose
1119 Washington Avenue, Golden

The Original Bowling Saloon was built on this site in 1859; in addition to pouring beer, it served as a meeting place for the Colorado Territorial House of Representatives. Although the original Original building was demolished, it was rebuilt in 1902 -- and serving again when Prohibition ended. Although the Buffalo Rose Saloon name is new (as of 1985), this is still a great spot to get a taste of history.


5) My Brother's Bar
2376 15th Street

The building that houses My Brother's Bar has been a saloon since the 1880s -- and perhaps even earlier. It's only been known as My Brother's for a scant forty years, but remnants of an earlier ID are displayed on the wall, where a letter from Neal Cassady urging a pal to pay his bar tab at Paul's Place is posted. And, in fact, Paul's Place was the occupant of this site on the day that Prohibition ended. The Beat goes on...


4) El Chapultepec
1962 Market Street

What's the oldest continually operating bar in Denver? Probably El Chapultepec, which Tony Romano opened in the summer of 1933 (Colorado was allowing beer to flow before the Prohibition's federal repeal took hold). Jerry Krantz, Romano's son-in-law, inherited El Chapultepec in the 1970s, adding jazz to its menu. And although Krantz passed away last year, his daughter, Angela Guerrero, is still running the place. That's music to our ears.

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Mary Manning Schumacher
Mary Manning Schumacher

Ill toast it here at home. We have a newspaper clipping of our address being busted for bootlegging in 1924. Headline reads: Fine Denver Home Raided.

Kelly Apodaca Crittenden
Kelly Apodaca Crittenden

CRUISE ROOM Definetaly the coolest Bar I have ever seen! You feel like you're right in the movie The Titanic. Recommend everyone go there!

Todd Divel
Todd Divel

Looks like I've got a good excuse to drink! Here's to the end of prohibition!

Mantonat topcommenter

Everyone over 21 in Denver has already been. It's the bar equivalent of riding the street cars in S.F.

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