Dog Haus, a gourmet hot dog chain out of California, sniffing around Denver

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Dog Haus, a gourmet hot-dog chain based in Southern California, is getting ready to mark Denver's turf next year.

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While the chain has yet to decide on a location, it's already announced that it will open a store next year somewhere in the Denver area -- which is already home to such homegrown hot-dog concepts as Biker Jim's and Steve's Snappin' Dogs.

And like the lineups at those spots, the Dog Haus menu features both dogs and sausages, with elaborate toppings for both.

This will be the fourth location for the Dog Haus, and the first out-of-state spot. The company currently has two locations in Pasadena and one in Alhambra.

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Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs

2148 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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bondadprevalece topcommenter

It's ridiculous how most Denverites won't eat street food unless it has "gourmet" slapped on it.

Josh Nadler
Josh Nadler

Steve's and Biker Jim's have us covered and they're not chains.

Tom White
Tom White

Need some Detroit Coney dog joints in Colorado. These gourmet burgers & dog places don't have better food. Just more "gourmet"prices.

Si James
Si James

I hope so-am pretty tired of "gourmet burger" places popping up everywhere.

Amber Feldman
Amber Feldman

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs all the way, baby!!

Scott Moran
Scott Moran

The Uber Sausage has them beat no matter what

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Oh, they have one with arugula. They' should call that "The Obama" :D

ScubaSteve topcommenter

A hot dog ain't a "burger", ass.

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