First Look: Abbey Tavern, an Irish pub, is now pouring on East Colfax

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All photos by Nate Hemmert
The Abbey Tavern, a new Irish pub, opened its doors at 5151 East Colfax Avenue late last month. And unlike some of Denver's other "Irish" pubs, this one's actually owned and operated by an Irishman.

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Glen Eastwood had wanted to open his own place for years -- but just hadn't found the right spot...until the Jultak Florist space opened up on East Colfax Avenue. He knew exactly what do do with it: With over ten years of experience in Denver's Irish pubs -- managing both Fado and Casey's -- he saw what to embrace and what to steer clear of.

"There's no illuminated shamrocks, there's no leprechauns on the walls," he explains. "I wanted to get away from that. It's more about the Irish hospitality, the Irish way of comfort."

The comfort extends to the food and drink, whether that's a little Jameson, Guinness or some good, old-fashioned pub food.

"We've got shepherd's pie, corned beef Abbey rolls, corned beef Rueben, Guinness beef stew, fish and chips, as well as your standard American staples, quesadillas, chicken wings, that kind of thing," Eastwood says. "So hopefully, it's a nice balance between the two."

Since Denver already has so many Irish pubs, Eastwood and his partner, Andrew Cudden, really wanted to focus on the "neighborly" aspect of things, and provide the area between Colorado and Monaco with a bring-your-family-and-friends local hangout.

"I wanted to build a neighborhood pub. A pub that I would be proud of, proud to own, a place where I would feel comfortable drinking." says Eastwood. "And, ultimately, I hope I've achieved that."

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Abbey Tavern

5151 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Mary J. Maresh
Mary J. Maresh

Hollywood! with Andrew Cudden and Glen Eastwood.


Celtic Tavern- Irish owned and operated

Nallen's Irish Pub- Irish owned and operated

Irish Rover- Irish Owned and operated

Irish Snug and McLaughlin's-Irish owned and operated

We have a few ;) 

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