Reader: Give me a Budweiser and shut up, hipsters

Is Our Mutual Friend a hipster haven?
Just in time for holiday hangovers, we posted our updated list of the ten hippest bars in Denver, which includes several new entries, including Our Mutual Friend. But some readers regarded the list not as a roster of must-go spots, but places to avoid.

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Says Timebandit:

Hipster is the word for 20-30-some-year-olds, I take it? Here's an idea: Don't like anything. Never go to local spots. Applebees and Albertson's for this guy. GIVE ME A BUDWEISER AND SHUT UP.

Adds Shauna:

HAHA! I agree, a great list of where to AVOID going...
We'll be posting our list of hipster restaurants later this week -- what places do you think should be included?

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Apparently reading sarcasm is a lost art. Seems pretty clear that Timebandit was commenting on hipster bashing and disdain for unique establishments. While I agree with some commenters in the original story that a lot of the places on the list aren't really bars, I don't get this criticism of people who have an identifiable style and hang out in similar places. Is it just because they are, in a loose sense, identifiable that people want to rag on them? Maybe instead of cheap read frugal or nonmateristic. 

Anyway, places like CoC and OMF are cool and don't need any lists to be discovered. If it's hipsters that keep you away, I say amen.


That Timebandit guy is obviously keeping it real - he drinks at ALBERTSON'S.  That's more hipster than anything on the list.

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