Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar will serve its last dinner on New Year's Eve


In 2011, when former Westword restaurant critic Laura Shunk reviewed Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar, a subterranean space in Cherry Creek that never had the benefit of the foot traffic on busier blocks with higher profiles, she raved about the joint, pointing out that Ondo's "stays true to its Spanish inspiration." She wrote, too, that she "couldn't wait" for the next time she'd have the opportunity to "return for another taste of Spain." But as of December 31, New Year's Eve, that opportunity will no longer exist.

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Earlier today, on Ondo's Facebook page, owners Curt and Deicy Steinbecker bid farewell to their fans, admitting that the "highs and lows" of the past four years in business resulted in the "difficult decision" to close. If there's an upside to this, it's that there are still a few weeks left to get your paella fix.

Here's the heartfelt goodbye announcement from the Steinbeckers.

Dear Ondo's Fans,

After over 4 years of many highs and lows, Deicy and I have decided that we will not continue our efforts into 2014. It's with a heavy heart that we came to this difficult decision, but it's one that is best for our family. Our last day of business will be Dec. 31, 2013.

Our goal from the start was to serve the most authentic Spanish tapas in Denver, and we believe that we always stayed true to this goal. But, due to the present circumstances, we can't continue on.

Thanks to all of our faithful customers who made these 4 years memorable. You were the reason we happily came to work every day. We will miss you.

We hope to see you one more time at Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar before the end of the year.


Curt and Deicy Steinbecker

Location Info

Ondo's Spanish Tapas Bar - CLOSED

250 Steele St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Chris Allen
Chris Allen

Why do so many tapas restaurants fail in Denver?

Dave Shuck
Dave Shuck

This makes me sad. This was a gem.

davebarnes topcommenter

1. Not a good location.

2. Wine prices were much higher than in Spain.

3. Tapas prices much higher than in Spain.


@davebarnesThat location is indeed terrible, and is one of the cursed locations of Cherry Creek.  It's not remotely reasonable to expect wines, meats, and cheeses imported from Spain to be the same price here as they are there though.  It costs a ton to import those things.  God knows I have eaten pounds of Iberico ham and Iberico chorizo when visiting Spain, but can't afford an ounce of those amazing blackfooted bastards here.

Mantonat topcommenter


1. We're not in Spain.

2. Ondo's has some of the best food in town at competitive prices and is one of the few restaurants that understood the tapas concept and didn't fuck with it.

3. It's sad that Denverites are too trend-driven to keep a great restaurant in business just because the neighborhood has fallen out of favor.

This sad news is further evidence to me that the Denver food scene is primarily trend-driven right now. There are very few great restaurants that withstand the continuous shift of hip neighborhoods and the latest food fashions. For anyone who hasn't been to Ondo's, send them out with a bang and enjoy some great food.

Mantonat topcommenter

@TheJeff @davebarnes Not to mention that Dave complained about a $24 bottle of wine, a perfectly reasonable price in almost any U.S. restaurant. Yes, every restaurant in this country that serves wine marks up their prices over what you'd pay in a liquor store - it's nothing unique to Ondo's; to complain about it makes about as much sense as to complain that it was windy the day you ate there. 


@Mantonat @TheJeff @davebarnes It was really windy when I went there.  I think it had to do with the hot air emanating from Dave Barnes' mouth.

The one point he did make that is true - I don't believe there is a single restaurant in the Cherry Creek area that has thrived in one of those subterranean spaces.  Think Argyll (and before that Squealing Pig) and Tambien. Jury is still out on Margs....good summer crowd but seems pretty slow there these days.  I'd like to know how La Merise and Sweet Ginger are doing.  Also, I recall a series of restaurants and night clubs downstairs on Fillmore years ago before that area dried up and has now been reinvented.

It's a tough location for sure.

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