Thai Monkey Club stays away from the sugar, but does it have enough spice?

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On my last few trips to Portland, I've eaten at Thai joints ranging from holes-in-the-wall to empires (hello, Pok Pok), looking for yam makheua yao or a bowl of spicy jin hoom. I seek out these places to remind myself that not all Thai food is cooked as it so often is here in Denver, i.e. overloaded with sugar.

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Fortunately, I can now get my Thai fix closer to home.

Earlier this year, an outpost of Thai Monkey Club opened near me, and while the cooks don't abstain from sugar (as one sip of the Thai iced tea will show), they don't dump so much sweetener into the sauces and curries that you wonder if you're eating dinner or dessert.

Find out if co-owner Sirishom Hakamjarn's approach to the rest of the menu is as savvy as her treatment of sugar when my review of Thai Monkey Club is posted here tomorrow.

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Thai Monkey Club

4122 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

OOPS - Thai Monkey Club of course has khao soi too.

If KBCD Asian Food is finally able to sell Burmese food like they're planning to, you might even be able to do a little comparison :)

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter


You might ask the folks at Chada Thai on 17th about jin hoom. As I recall they are from Chiang Mai (they definitely offer khao soi as a special order if you like that one).

And I'll bet the folks at Thai Lotus [DTC] might be able to help you out with yam makheua yao - it may even be on their Thai-only menu :)


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