Celebrate Racines thirtieth birthday in Denver, Paris...or Racine, Wisconsin

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While new places scramble to open before the end of the year, it's time to celebrate another restaurant that opened in December...1983. Racines debuted in its original home at 850 Bannock Street on December 27, 1983, just in time to win an award in the very first Best of Denver, which came out the following June. (Racines has won so many awards in the annual edition that we named it a Colorado Classic in 2013; one wall of the bar is full of Best of Denver plaques delivered to the restaurant through the decades.) But for its thirtieth-anniversary celebration, which starts next week and runs through January, Racines will be giving out the awards.

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First prize is a trip for two to Paris to eat at the Bouillon Racine (airfare, hotel and dinner included); second prize is a trip for two to Racine, Wisconsin, to eat at a restaurant of the winner's choice (airfare, hotel and dinner included).

Although so far the contest hasn't caused much buzz in France -- where the concept of the Bouillon Racine was introduced in 1855 by butcher Pierre Louis Duval, then inspired the creation of the Bouillon Racine restaurant at the turn of the last century -- it's already created a stir in Wisconsin. After a story ran in the Milwaukee Business Journal, two restaurants and the local visitors' bureau in Racine, Wisconsin, reached out to Racines the restaurant to offer additional services to the winners of that august honor.

Want a chance at winning either prize? Stop by the restaurant's current home at 650 Sherman Street (while the custom-built space -- and parking garage -- were under construction, Racines was actually dark for a time, which makes this a thirtieth anniversary minus eleven months, if you want to get technical) and fill out an entry form before the end of January 2014.

Fans will also want to post stories and photos on the Racines website. The owners -- Lee Goodfriend and David Racine, who've been partners in the food business for 37 years and once also ran Goodfriends and Dixons (named after a third partner, who passed away) -- will be giving away a dinner for two once a month to a random winner throughout 2014.

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