Readers: Royal Dansk butter cookies are super-tasty! Is this author just a sad, sad person?

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Remember the jingle "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee"? That double-negative motto could work just as well for Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies. Jenn Wohletz labeled that tin of cookies one of the worst Xmas foods -- but it definitely has its defenders. Here's just a taste of the responses.

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Says Candie:

I agree with all of these except the butter cookies, which are super tasty. That disgusting mucus-y eggnog mess and the stale Walmart popcorn can go elsewhere.

Says Shari:
What's wrong with butter cookies? You can dip them in Nutella. Yum!

Adds Romerogj:
Agree with these people... butter cookies don't need to be on here. Is this author just a sad, sad person?
What's your favorite holiday cookie? Post your nominations below, and read many more comments about Royal Dansk and other holiday treats here.

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I found my new favorite holiday cookie - peanut butter nutella swirl - oh baby!

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