Skoops Ice Cream & More closing, looking for new location

Skoops' Facebook page
Skoops Ice Cream & More will serve its last scoop Monday, after a landlord dispute led to its lease not being renewed, says Eddie Horn, owner of the sandwich and ice-cream shop.

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Horn says he wanted to stay because he felt like Skoops "was really part of the neighborhood," but that his relationship with the landlord had deteriorated too much.

Currently Horn is looking to take over the recently closed Taki's Japanese Restaurant on Colfax. If that looks viable, he plans to mount a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise money for the purchase. If not, he'll keep looking.

Horn says any updates on where the new Skoops will be can be found on its Facebook page.

Location Info

Skoops Ice Cream & More - CLOSED

1209 E. 9th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Clueless -- Takis Colfax location would be overpriced, and the wrong demographic ... unless he's selling crack with those cones.

The unique and significant foot traffic of Queen Soopers and Dazbog is irreplaceable.


Boo! Sloops was great. Nice work landlord. :-/

ScubaSteve topcommenter


It may not have been all of the work of the landlord.

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