Reader: You have now "hipstered" the Squire -- used to be a great place

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Byron Graham
The Squire, post-facelift.
Yesterday Sean Kenyon shared 25 things you never knew about bartender Mikie Mazzotta, who works at the Squire. Kenyon's been going to this bar for thirteen years -- as long as he's lived in Denver. "It reminds me of the dives that I haunted in Jersey City, so it definitely feels like home to me," he writes. "But earlier this year, the Squire got a facelift, and the crowd has changed a bit (for the better). The old girl is a lot prettier, too, and bartender Mikie Mazzotta takes care of his guests with effortless ease." But the conversation this post inspired was anything but easy.

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Says LivCupcake Elgethun:

The bartenders you have chosen to talk about are the douchiest douches that ever douched in doucheville!!! You have now 'hipstered' the Squire. Used to be a great place. Besides, bartenders??? They aren't fucking rock stars.
And that's one of the milder comments. You can read the rest here. Or you can elevate the conversation: What's your favorite bar in Denver? Who's your favorite bartender? Post positive suggestions below.

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The Squire Lounge

1800 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Sounds like the rantings of an old fart who resents that young "hipsters" are the people who go out every night and spend like mad. Time for the old or broke to stop resenting.

Jack Gormley
Jack Gormley

Fantastic exchange in the comments section of the article. I expect nothing more (or less) from Westword.


To be honest, I can't believe so many people took offense to some snarky comments about a guy who bragged about trying to fight someone from Pawn Stars.


I would be happy to help elevate the conversation here, considering I was one who helped to drag it down.  But only so long as you promise in the future to stop celebrating pill popping hipsters.  Ms. Calhoun, you have been with the Westword a looooooong time, I actually remember interviewing with you some 10+ years or so back.  Is this what things have come to?  Alternative presses like yours have a crucial role in today's media.  I remember looking forward to the new Westword each month for the stories that were written in it.  Between yourself and Michael Roberts, no one could stop you guys.  I get that the business has changed.  I get that my hometown has changed.  But lets try to do better in the future.  I've noticed a ton of comments about how other readers dislike your coverage of hipster culture, how about we stop with the profiles of favorite bartenders?  Especially the pill popping douche variety.  In a place like Denver there are tons of other folks, "good guy/gal" politicians, teachers (of the non-molesting variety), volunteers, students, artists that you could profile instead.  I flew off the handle last night, not so much at "Mikey", but what he and his ilk represent, there is a touch of jealousy in it too, because I would love to be back in Denver too.


@mike.duranThe screed of an old fart. Pop some pills of your own and chill. I remember drinking with Patty Calhoun TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO, but at least I recognize that for a bar to be successful, I'm not their target market. Get over yourself.

Mantonat topcommenter

@mike.duran  I'm not speaking for anyone else at Westword or Cafe Society, but maybe you're just focusing a little too much on the negative. The bartender profiles appear only in the online version of Cafe Society, which is only a small portion of Westword and which only represents food and beverage news, opinion, and bloggish things. I've enjoyed most of the bartender profiles that Sean has posted so far, so just because one guy has an abrasive personality I don't think it undermines the entire series. If anything, it's just a reminder or warning to avoid the Squire on nights that Mikey said he works. By the way, I agree with you that the Squire isn't someplace I'd really care to spend my money, but they really aren't targeting me as a potential customer. Plenty of places that better suit my personality. 

If reading the random thoughts of bartenders isn't your bag, try this: A great series highlighting creative Denverites contributing to Denver culture (and its economy). Also, check out the actual physical edition of Westword (which comes out weekly, by the way) - most of the cover stories are as thought-provoking and focused as ever. 

I've been reading Westword for a long time, too. I used to grab a copy when I was in high school before there was such a thing as the internet or online comment forums. It's easy to get frustrated with the classless, the glib, the uninformed, the hateful, and the just plain stupid comments that pop up, so it's great to see you putting the brakes on that and trying to elevate the conversation again.

Like you said, Westword is an alternative publication, which to me means that they've always pushed the boundaries of acceptable social discourse, usually for the better. I'd rather see a paper push those limits and occasionally fail than to risk falling into pedestrian or mainstream attitudes. People will claim that the "shock value" is just an attempt to up readership or get more hits online, but consider that alternative views can push away readers as much as lure them in. There's got to be some passion and dedication to staying outside the mainstream and reporting on all aspects of Denver, not just the pretty stuff. 

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