Sun has set on 5th Sun Cafe & Lounge

Lori Midson

Highland remains hot as a restaurant 'hood and Jefferson Park is one of the town's up-and-coming dining destinations -- but its location on the edge of both areas didn't cast any glow on 5th Sun Cafe and Lounge. And now this Mexican restaurant has gone dark.

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Trudy Gonzales had opened the restaurant back in early 2011; she'd never been in the restaurant business before, but decided to start her own place because people kept telling her how much they loved her food.

And as experienced restaurateurs can tell you, that's a start -- but it's not enough to keep a restaurant going.

It didn't help that the location just off Speer and Federal boulevards had never been a restaurant before, and had little presence.

There's no word yet on what is going into the space next -- but it won't be a restaurant, says a construction crew member. Still, crews are in the place today, jackhammering the floor.

Location Info

5th Sun Cafe & Lounge - CLOSED

3024 N. Speer Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Tim Tindle
Tim Tindle

A breakfast place that does not open until 11.brilliant! That is a commuter corner, a drive by location.

Kevin Kirkland
Kevin Kirkland

i once saw a guy smear jelly on his balls and have a dog lick it off in the bathroom of this place. it wasnt my place to say anything. i just jacked off in the corner til he was done


I live in Sunnyside and drive down Federal to get to work every day and am always stopping at businesses lining that stretch, yet I only noticed place for the first time the other day. They needed more of a presence.


There was almost no web presence, their hours were wonky, and half of the menu consisted of breakfast items. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. Good margs and service though. We went once, and didn't go back. Too many other tasty Mexican options in the area.


I never even knew it was supposed to be a Mexican restaurant.

A menu in the window could have changed everything.

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