Reader: Latest Federal Case a great endeavor, great article

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We'll brake for tamales at Tarasco's New Latino Cuisine.
Over the past twelve months, Mark Antonation has hit 53 eateries in just under six miles -- a distance he could easily cover in less than twenty minutes, depending on traffic and luck. "But in taking a year to travel the distance," he writes, "I've gained an appreciation for the subtle differences in the way dishes are prepared from place to place; I've noticed the pride that waiters and restaurant owners have in serving the food of their home countries; I've experienced the wonder of tasting things completely new to me." And he's discovered some really great dishes, twelve of which he shared in this week's A Federal Case.

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Says mooklet:

Great endeavor, great article, and well-written. Thank you for the paean to Tarasco's Tamal de Elote! I feel it is the best Mexican restaurant in Denver. I look forward to trying the pecan tarts, camarones aguachile, and the hu tieu mi nam vang at other Federal locations.
What are your favorite spots on Federal Boulevard? In the new year, Mark Antonation will be eating his way north of Sports Authority Field; what restaurants would you recommend on that stretch?

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Mike Lee Restaurant

10260 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora, CO

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davebarnes topcommenter

Mark is just a few blocks away from Chili Verde.

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