20 of our favorite Colorado craft beers from 2013

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Judge Whoppner
Renegade/Wit's End breweries

Scott Witsoe and Brian O'Connell, the owners of Wit's End and Renegade, respectively, brewed up a whopper of a beer last year, a sweet imperial brown ale made with malted milk and served with crushed malted milk balls (Whoppers) on the rim of the glass. It was fun, it was sticky and it was deliciously smooth.

The Chancellor
Wynkoop Brewing

Aged in barrels for sixteen months, this English-style barleywine came from an old recipe that the Wynkoop came upon. They only made a little bit, but hopefully they're doing some more because The Chancellor was pure heaven: it tasted like liquid hazelnut flavored with toffee and figs.

Well Bred
Copper Kettle

Aged in bourbon barrels from Breckenridge Distillery, Copper Kettle made its barleywine one of four seasonal bottled releases that it plans to do going forward. The brewery served it on tap and sold a few bottles out of the taproom. Like the Wynkoop's Chancellor, Well Bred is an English-style barleywine, so is has less of a hops profile than some of its amped up American counterparts, and more of a nutty, vanilla richness that shone through brilliantly.

Tunnel of Trees
TRVE Brewing

I keep forgetting how much I love this beer until I try it again, and each time, I am amazed by how beautifully the hops come together, slowly creeping up on you before exploding on the palate. Clean, aromatic and lower in alcohol than some other IPAs, Tunnel of Trees stands among the powerhouse IPAs in a state that is known for them. Boom.

Watermelon Kolsch
Fate Brewing

I'm not a big fan of watermelon beers, and I don't typically order Kolsches. But somehow, Fate Brewing combined the two to create a simple, refreshing brew -- made with watermelon puree -- that I ordered multiple times at a variety of locations.

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Gary Claymon
Gary Claymon

great for the reputation of Colorado promoting drinking and driving but hey its legal

Josh Nadler
Josh Nadler

TRVE Brewing's Grey Watcher is my new/current favorite.

Scott James
Scott James

Prolly Hoopla. Boulder brew from Mr. Kyle Hollingsworth~

Kyle Gregory
Kyle Gregory

nice to see a story about something other than pot

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