Platt Park Tavern will finally start construction this month

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The future home of Platt Park Tavern last winter.
After more than a year of delays, construction will finally start this month on Tavern Platt Park, the Tavern Hospitality Group restaurant going into the former home of India's Pearl at 1475 South Pearl Street. Initially, THG's Frank Schultz had hoped to break ground on the project in August 2012 -- but that was before he encountered a few obstacles, including concerns over both the design and the hours.

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At one point, a few neighbors were even pushing to get the building labeled historic -- despite the fact that the Pearl Street Grill next door, in another Victorian-era storefront, had been demolished without complaint in order to build the new Izakaya Den.

But now all of the hurdles have been removed. Schultz has secured parking in the neighborhood, so residents won't have to worry about that; the design has been tweaked to keep some of the original facade while still fitting in with the character of the neighborhood; and the outdoor patios -- including a rooftop deck -- will only be open until 11 p.m. on weekends, midnight on Friday and Saturday. (Inside, the bar will be able to serve until the normal last call.)

Like the other Taverns, this will be a neighborhood place, but one with an increased emphasis on Colorado products.

Watch for it to open next October or November.

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Tavern Platt Park

1475 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

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This is such a shame. An Applebee's knockoff that no one in the neighborhood wants on S Pearl. So they're going to sink a bunch of money into renovating the building just so their clientele doesn't have to travel a mile to the Wash Park Tavern. Just for the exercise, compare the Platt Park Tavern to Session Kitchen. Whether you like Session Kitchen or not, even the wildest incarnation of Platt Park Tavern pales in comparison to the effort and vision of Session Kitchen. 

Maybe we can lure Lola back into the neighborhood.     

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