Oak at Fourteenth planted Acorn -- but has it grown into its own?

Danielle Lirette
Inside Acorn, planted in The Source last summer.
Considering that Acorn, which opened last summer in The Source, grew out of Oak at Fourteenth, Bryan Dayton and Steven Redzikowski's smash neighborhood eatery in Boulder, the name seems apropros. Especially since "kitchen-wise, it's a quarter of the size of Oak," says Redzikwoski.

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Inside Oak at Fourteenth, which took root in Boulder three years ago.
But then there's that bit about acorns and mighty oaks, and all the growth the saying implies?

Does Acorn have that much growing to do? Or has it already sprouted into a restaurant capable of holding its own? Find out when my review is posted at westword.com tomorrow.

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3350 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Oak at Fourteenth

1400 Pearl St., Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant

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