Reader: There are plenty of great brunch places without a ridiculous wait

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Highland Tavern, without ninety-minute line.
We had a long, long wait for brunch at the Highland Tavern Saturday, but put the time to good use: strolling the neighborhood to see what projects are under way in lower LoHi, listing other restaurants/bars with long lines, and arguing over the town's best brunch spots -- with and without waits.

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Hearing about that long wait, some readers were willing to share their brunch favorites: Says Michael564:

Snooze, Highland Tavern, Jelly, Mona's --- all long waits for brunches you can get at so many other good places, places that the hipsters have either passed on or passed over.

Want great eggs and pancakes with an unbeatable view? 'Breakfast on the Edge' on Sheridan.

Out-of-this-world french toast? The Universal on 38th. (Perfect option for Highland Tavern.)

So many other places in town, but to prevent the hipsters from crowding me out, I'll keep those in my pocket.

And some were not. Says Jon S:
If you are waiting that long for breakfast, you clearly aren't even hungry and should just stay in bed. There are plenty of great brunch places in this town that don't require a ridiculous wait.
C'mon, spill: What are your the great brunch places in town -- with or without a wait? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

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Highland Tavern

3400 Navajo St., Denver, CO

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I'm going to be admittedly obnoxious and not give away my favorite current chill and easy-to-get-into brunch spots, but I will hype a couple of cafes I love for a quiet breakfast. Taza de Cafe in Berkeley and Highland Cork & Coffee in West Highland.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Doesn't Buchi still do their Cuban brunch on Sundays?

And once they reopen in a couple weeks, Bayou Cafe (formerly Bayou Snack Shack) here in Aurora will be continuing their Cajun/Creole weekend brunches. (They'll be sharing a cooking facility wilh Kathmandu Kitchen, so the brunch-haters in your party won't be totally put-out). :)


@TheFabulousMarkT@bondadprevaleceTaza is VERY small, and only quiet in very off hours.  And they need to ask rude people not to take up the giant table when there are only two people.  Two women took up the table that seats 6 for two hours, while other people had to stand or leave. 


@TheFabulousMarkT @bondadprevalece Haha. I have a feeling my endorsement won't do much. The masses aren't that into driving out to northwest Denver.

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