The Westword 2014 Food and Drink Bucket List: #25-16

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22. Grab your supply of roasted green chiles on Federal Boulevard.
Some like it hot! You know summer's about to end when the smell of roasted chiles starts wafting through town. Stop by any block on Federal Boulevard and you can find purveyors selling Hatch, fake Hatch and numerous other kinds of chiles, which they'll roast for you so that you can capture the flavor all year long.

21. Order chow from a food truck and eat it in a brewery.
Denver's craft-beer boom was already under way when the gourmet-food-truck trend rolled into town a few years ago. But they proved a perfect pairing. Rather than twisting themselves into a knot trying to serve something other than pretzels, breweries like Denver Beer Co. could concentrate on creating their brews while knowing their patrons would find quality snacks at the food trucks parked outdoors.

Miller Farms
20. Harvest your own vegetables at Miller Farms.
For decades, Miller Farms has had a roadside market, but its real growth industry has been ag tourism, or farm tourism, which took off after the first "potato dig" in 1996. Today the farm offers a bounty of fall days when you can harvest many kinds of vegetables, as well as farm tours. Many other facilities now offer pick-your-own possibilities, but Miller planted the seeds.

Juliet Wittman
19. Load up your basket at the Boulder Farmers' Market.
Today there are farmers' markets across the Front Range, in mall parking lots, on church lawns and in and schoolyards, but the daddy of them all is in Boulder. If you can't find something here to tempt you -- fresh flowers, incredible peaches, pickled vegetables, even a political cause -- you might be pickled yourself.

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Mark Lawrey
Mark Lawrey

Oh c'mon!! Delicious and nutricious!!.

Jeffrey Grubesic
Jeffrey Grubesic

Go ahead and kick the bucket Ellen Kessler. I don't think these fine people will miss ya. Ya smelly troll ya.

Jennifer Ito
Jennifer Ito

Head south to Pueblo for a slopper at Gray's Coors Tavern, a grinder at Pass Key, or Dutch Lunch at Gus'

Ellen Kessler
Ellen Kessler

I'd rather kick the bucket than partake in some of those things on your list.

Margaux Feldman
Margaux Feldman

Ooooo and a bison burger at the Buffalo Restaurant in Idaho Springs!

Priya Butani Nye
Priya Butani Nye

A "meal" at every Mexican establishment in Denver. And WW knows them all!

Mary Dowling
Mary Dowling

Tea at the Brown!! A friend and I did that once, It was awesome

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

OK - here are a few:

- Enjoy a yard of ale at the Golden Bee at The Broadmoor.

- Indulge in the frico caldo at Frasca in Boulder - best dish I've ever had in CO.

- Save up lots of $$$ and experience the "fresh truffle festival" at Barolo - you'll 

never consume "truffle oil" again.

- Shop your heart out at The Truffle cheese shop and don't look at the credit card receipt.

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