The Westword 2014 Food and Drink Bucket List: #25-16

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18) Get a cinnamon roll at Johnson's Corner.
This classic truck stop on I-25 did a major renovation just after it turned fifty, which removed a lot of the old roadhouse charm -- but Johnson's Corner wisely made no changes to the old cinnamon roll formula. They remain incredible mounds of
pastry, frosting and sweetness, as impressive in their own way as the mountains you can see across the asphalt to the west.

17) Enjoy a glass of wine and the view from the Flagstaff House patio.
The Flagstaff House got its start in the '30s, when it opened as a restaurant in a former cabin high on Flagstaff Mountain. When Don Monette purchased the place in 1971, he refined it into a world-class, high-end dinner destination; his sons have continued the evolution, adding a world-class wine list. But one thing remains unchanged: the million-dollar view from the patio, just the spot to enjoy a glass of that wine.

Lori Midson
16) Get a burger at Bud's Bar
Want a burger? Good. Because that's all Bud's Bar serves -- burgers and cheeseburgers, accompanied by chips. But it's served in an unbeatable atmosphere: Bud's opened as a roadhouse in Sedalia back in 1946, and those years of tradition flavor every meal here.

Come back tomorrow for the next ten in our 2014 Food and Drink Bucket List.

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Mark Lawrey
Mark Lawrey

Oh c'mon!! Delicious and nutricious!!.

Jeffrey Grubesic
Jeffrey Grubesic

Go ahead and kick the bucket Ellen Kessler. I don't think these fine people will miss ya. Ya smelly troll ya.

Jennifer Ito
Jennifer Ito

Head south to Pueblo for a slopper at Gray's Coors Tavern, a grinder at Pass Key, or Dutch Lunch at Gus'

Ellen Kessler
Ellen Kessler

I'd rather kick the bucket than partake in some of those things on your list.

Margaux Feldman
Margaux Feldman

Ooooo and a bison burger at the Buffalo Restaurant in Idaho Springs!

Priya Butani Nye
Priya Butani Nye

A "meal" at every Mexican establishment in Denver. And WW knows them all!

Mary Dowling
Mary Dowling

Tea at the Brown!! A friend and I did that once, It was awesome

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

OK - here are a few:

- Enjoy a yard of ale at the Golden Bee at The Broadmoor.

- Indulge in the frico caldo at Frasca in Boulder - best dish I've ever had in CO.

- Save up lots of $$$ and experience the "fresh truffle festival" at Barolo - you'll 

never consume "truffle oil" again.

- Shop your heart out at The Truffle cheese shop and don't look at the credit card receipt.

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