Denver Bicycle Cafe eases back on the coffee so it can focus more on craft beer

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The Denver Bicycle Cafe -- which has specialized in fixing bikes, serving coffee and pouring locally-brewed beers - will put a little less emphasis on the coffee and little more on the beer starting this week when it changes its structure and its hours.

Beginning on February 1, the cool, double-sided hangout will "close" the coffee house at 5 p.m. every day and turn off the wifi. Then it will open up the "tap house," serving eleven local beers and one cider on draft, along with numerous canned craft beers.

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"The space will look a little different with lower lights, no laptops at the bar, and more emphasis on beer," says DBC co-owner Jessica Caouette.

To launch the tap house, DBC is throwing a party that day, featuring $2 cans of New Belgium Shift and $12 Dale's Pale Ale pitchers. There will also be food trucks.

The Denver Bicycle Café, which Caouette and Peter Roper opened in 2011, recently doubled its number of taps in an effort to attract more beer connoisseurs and evening groups; there will be two happy hours, from 4 to 5 p.m., and from 10 p.m. to midnight, along with food trucks, trivia nights, home brewer meetups and cycling events.

DBC has specialized in serving beers made by some of the newer, smaller breweries within the Denver city limits - and has been one of the first accounts for some of them.

DBC's bike shop is also changing: it will now sell bikes from Alchemy Bicycle Company, Turner Bicycles and Ventana Mountain Bikes. As for the coffee shop, it will still focus on locally-roasted coffee and tea.

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Smart move.  I look forward to drinking beer and talking without feeling like I am disturbing a bar full of silent laptop users.  I imagine this is a tough choice for the bike cafe but I hope people understand that you cant make money with a bar full of people spending a few bucks on coffee and hanging out for hours. 


Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but I guess I don't quite get the "shutting off the WiFi" and the No-More-Coffee-Only-Beer-At-5 idea. Why is it a bad thing to offer internet access to people drinking a beer? And can I really not get a beer there before 5pm? I think a very cool part of DBC is the idea of working on your laptop or tablet while having a local beer.


That's a prudent business decision and the DBC will do well by it. They have a knack for having taps I haven't had elsewhere so my visits there have been consistent rewarding ones.

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