Ten best new Denver bars of 2013

Danielle Lirette
This year, Denver will undoubtedly welcome a slew of new Denver bars and breweries to an already burgeoning beer and cocktail landscape--but before we hail the next new thing, we should celebrate the newcomers that graced us in the last year. Here, in no particular order, are our favorite watering holes that opened in 2013.

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10) Ste. Ellie
1553 Platte Street
The long-awaited underground speakeasy from the Colt & Gray team finally opened in November, unveiling a cozy cocktail bar complete with seasoned bartenders and house-made charcuterie offerings. From carefully-curated beers to cocktails that arrive aflame, Ste. Ellie has been abuzz with lingering patrons since they opened.

9) Old Major
3316 Tejon Street
When Old Major opened up shop last February, it was touted for its seafood, swine, and wine. But the Lower Highland spot is also beloved for the lively, inventive cocktail and beer program. The rustic bar is outfitted with re-purposed wood and metal, and in the summer, turns open air -- perfect for an improvised cocktail from the knowledgeable staff.

8) CapRock Farm Bar
3350 Brighton Boulevard
Showcased in the center of Brighton Boulevard's culinary Mecca, The Source, CapRock Farm Bar serves as Jack Rabbit Hills's first Denver foray, serving up spirits distilled on their Hotchkiss farm in an array of crafted cocktails that include everything from the cult-favorite gin to their new collaborative white whiskey. The wall-less, sixty-seat space is just the place to start an excursion through the shops and restaurants there.

7) Bread Bar at Dram Apothecary
Silver Plume
Dram bitters have become a staple in the Denver cocktail world and beyond -- but the true soul of the brand shines at the company's whimsical tasting room, tucked in the historic town of Silver Plume in a building that was once home to a mining supply shop and then a bakery. At Bread Bar, as it is called, the mountain-bound can sample Dram's signature bitters in a collection of classic cocktails an hand-crafted tea blends.

6) Session Kitchen
1518 South Pearl Street
Session Kitchen goes far beyond the ordinary, architecturally and design-wise, and that same striking aesthetic translates to the bar and its offerings, too. On top of sixteen bottled beers and twelve draft lines, Michael Cerretani's curious cocktail list is divided into four seasons: tasters, sessions (a single drink), double sessions, and cocktails for four. The draw here is the abundance of funky ingredients used, from "spherified" orange, house creole bitters, and smoked applewood.

Location Info

Ste. Ellie

1553 Platte St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

Old Major

3316 Tejon St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

CapRock Farm Bar

3350 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Session Kitchen

1518 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Illegal Pete's

270 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

The Monkey Barrel

1611 Platte St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

The Curtis Club

2100 Curtis Street, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Historians Ale House

24 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Music

Cold Crush

2700 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore

Well 2014 hasn't shown us what's in store yet, awesome places might open this year we'll need to know about next. So 2013 is about right.


Not a great pic of Historians...one lone barfly with his head in his hands...

Actually I like Historians a lot.  Even though it has mostly a young crowd, the owner and the barkeeps are real friendly and welcoming to us older patrons...and the food is great!


hipster beer/booze joints. yay... shots of wheatgrass and ginger? for real? no thanks.


Never quite sure whether Westword is including Boulder or not in its lists.  This says "Denver" but Boulder establishments are often included in things that say Denver in Westword.  If Boulder is included, not listing the Bohemian Biergarten as one of the best new bars of 2013 is a travesty.

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