First look: Thailicious opens in Edgewater








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2045 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater, CO

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WillieStortz topcommenter

I checked out Thailicious last night. The place was fairly empty but I saw no glaring problems with the service. The staff was friendly and attentive. 

The space was modern and clean while still feeling homey. I thought the food was really fresh and tasty. It was as good as or better than it's neighbor US Thai. 

Keep on improving and you'll have a long lasting business.


Been To Thailand 8 times in the last 18 years, this food is great. They have some things I have not seen in local restaurants. While not perfect, the service is definitely improving from first trip during their soft opening. The people are personable, and working hard at getting better. Give it a try, I think you will be happy.

Dennis Scalf
Dennis Scalf

Not a bad place to grub on. Went there w/ Jacquelyn an enjoyed ourselves considering we were the only ones there lol. Paul was funny young lad but he told about the Westword person who was in there an took the chopsticks lol. The sticks were cool but not to take from an up an comin restaurant, tisk tisk Westword.

Sam Bissell
Sam Bissell

What u lack in Thai is made up by having lots of Korean. I'm pretty sure some of the best Korean is over by you.

Esther DeVore
Esther DeVore

I unfortunately haven't had very much Thai in denver, wish there was good Thai on my side of the city!

Sam Bissell
Sam Bissell

Ever been to US Thai in Edgewater? They are excellent! Been on Main St. for years. Just drove passed Thailicious about 20 minutes ago & remarked on it. Will definitely try it. It's a few doors over from a Pho place. Edgewater has ethnic food covered pretty well.

Priya Butani Nye
Priya Butani Nye

Agree with comments from main article...that it is after all in Edgewater, in a strip mall, and the servers are probably family. But the food is good, and doesn't taste like a dive's food. I hope they can attract diners who can overlook the surrounding establishments.

Aaron Betcher
Aaron Betcher

the place that was there before was awful. it was good for about a year then quality went down hill. hope this place is better. hard to compete with us thai.



Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. Since we've just opened for 2 weeks and we didn't expect this much support from the customers at the very beginning of the business. We are really appreciated.  

At first, we didn't have enough staffs at the front of the house. We admitted that the service at the beginning needed some improvements. From now, my husband and I will focus on the service (at the first place, we spent a lot of time making sure that the food is great).

With our experience in this industry and restaurant management background, the service will be improved (actually it is improving). Please kindly give us a chance to satisfy you.

Thank you,

Bee, Thailicious.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

"Thailicious"?  Sounds like a dive.  Being in Edgewater, it very well may be.  No comments from mantonat, please.


They need serious help with their service. They have about two weeks customer service experience combined. Quote: "This is my first job"

davebarnes topcommenter

The food is delicious. Try the Thai Volcano.

The atmosphere is inviting.

Sitting on the patio in warm weather will be great.

The service is messed up. I suspect they have friends or family doing service and it shows. Need a pro to come in and whip it into shape.


Thank you very much for visiting us. And I'd like to clarify the 'Chopsticks story'. I've heard a lot of compliments about them. But it was the misunderstanding about someone from Westword took them from the restaurant. No one had taken them from the restaurant. ALL OF THE CHOPSTICKS are still at Thailicious and ready to serve customers. :))  

Mantonat topcommenter

@foodcrazy Aww, where's the love, grumpy? Have fun at Applebee's.

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