Exclusive First Look: The POST Brewing Co., a brewery and chicken house, opens Thursday in Lafayette

All photos by Lori Midson.

Back in December 2012, we broke the news that Dave Query, the mastermind behind Big Red F, the Boulder-based restaurant group that operates numerous restaurants throughout the state, including Lola, Jax and Zolo Grill, was opening a brewery and chicken joint in Lafayette. And on Thursday, Query, along with a veteran team of pros, including beer master Bryan Selders (the former lead brewer of Dogfish Head), Big Red F culinary director Jamey Fader and chef-partner Brett Smith, formerly of Zolo Grill, will unleash POST Brewing Co., an homage to cluck and craft beer, in the old VWF hall in Lafayette.

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"This concept has been noodling around in our heads for a long time," admits Fader. "Every time Dave and I were driving around, traveling or just clearing our heads, we kept saying that it would be great to do a fried-chicken place -- you know, kind of like it would be great to have a Winnebago -- and Dave was always throwing around the idea of doing a chicken concept around beer, because, well, hot chicken and cold beer is obviously an awesome combination," clucks Fader.

The two were in Charleston, South Carolina, "fly fishing and eating good vittles," says Fader, when the idea began to really take hold. Fried chicken, he recalls, was everywhere, and when he and Query returned to Denver, the concept was cemented. Soon thereafter, so was a brewer and partner -- namely, Selders, who had spent the last nine years catapulting Dogfish Head, which is based in Delaware, to national acclaim. And tapping Selders, insists Fader, was more than just bragging rights. "Fuck, man, it's like bringing your kids to their swimming lessons and finding out that Michael Phelps is their coach," he says. Even better, "It's like having an ad for a garage band and Jon Bon Jovi calls," quips Query. "We have this world-class brewmaster who wanted to come to Lafayette to play with us, and it's awesome."

Selders, who started home-brewing in college and later apprenticed at a small brewery in Philadelphia before joining Dogfish, moved to Colorado in July last year, and for the past several months, he's been meticulously building the brewery. "I'm brewing beers that taste good with chicken -- beers that are really intriguing, super-fun to drink, and beers that you want to put in your mouth repeatedly," promises Selders, whose self-contained, fifteen-barrel brewhouse has the capacity to yield 1,600 barrels of beer a year.

The POST's draft system will include anywhere from four to seven of Selders's own beers, along with several guest beers. "We've got our own Top Rope lager, which is somewhat of a Mexican-style lager; our American-style bitter, called Lil' Buddy, that's brewed with a blend of American and British malts and hopped with an entirely new hop called azacca; a robust, yet-to-be-named porter, and an extremely well-balanced IPA," notes Selders, whose guest taps will initially include the Firestone Walker "Pivo" pilsner, Dogfish Head's Indian Brown Ale, the "Fearless Youth" dunkel lager from Loveland's Grimm Brothers, "Eric the Red," an imperial red ale from Odd 13, and Avery's 4point2 IPA and "New World" porter.

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The Post Brewing Co.

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Cody Webb

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