Food at the Riverside opens today on the banks of Boulder Creek

When the venerable John's closed on Pearl Street in Boulder last fall, Corey Buck, the chef/owner of John's for over ten years, just kept rolling -- right over to
Food at the Riverside, a cafe planned as part of Agora, a cooperative office space/events center created in a century-old historic structure at 1724 Broadway, right by Boulder Creek. And that cafe will finally open at 8 a.m. this morning.

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That creek was responsible for many of the delays in opening Food at the Riverside; although the flooding in September didn't affect the structure, it did affect the schedules of all the contractors/construction crews working on projects in Boulder. That meant the schedule for Food at the Riverside was pushed back, and pushed back again.

But now the daytime gourmet restaurant will finally open, serving breakfast and lunch with a focus on local ingredients and a rotating seasonal menu. There's also a coffee bar, and the space could get its liquor license any day, which will allow for a wine bar.

Buck and his Agora partners are also planning to open The Cellar, a gourmet restaurant with an emphasis on food and wine-pairing, in the Riverside building this spring. In the meantime, here's the word from the Agorda Facebook page:

Food is here! Starting this Monday Chef Buck will be preparing amazing Breakfasts and Lunches! We cannot even begin to say how excited we are that Food has arrived! Boulder's newest and most exciting culinary experience has arrived!! Come on down and see what all the excitement is about!

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Food at The Riverside

1724 Broadway, Boulder, CO

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This is hands down the best patio in Boulder.  However, the location has been terribly problematic for many businesses, presumably because of a perceived lack of parking (and maybe high downtown rents with very little casual foot traffic).  I really hope this place makes it, because I want to be able to sit on that patio and have food/coffee/drinks.


I loved John's, but their website said for the longest time (and still says, for all I know) that John's would reopen in the near future. Is this the new trend with closing restaurants? Seriously, stop telling us that you're reopening or just temporarily closed when you have no actual intention of reopening or changing locations. I'm tired of getting my hopes up.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

Food at the Riverside?  Shouldn't it be Food at the Creekside?

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