Furr's could be gone for good from Colorado

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It's the end of an era! A sign on Furr's Family Dining in Wheat Ridge says the restaurant is closed (and not a moment too soon, judging from our visit to the place last year). The notice indicates that the closure is temporary -- but Colorado has been wiped off the official Furr's map.

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According to the Furr's Fresh Buffet & Family Dining website, the only restaurants remaining are in Arkansas, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. That's where Roy Furr opened the first Furr's in 1946, in the town of Hobbs. From there it grew into a regional chain of family restaurants and cafeterias.

At one point, there were outposts of Furr's all along the Front Range, from the first Crossroads in Boulder to Lakeside to the original Cherry Creek Shopping Center. The location in Pueblo closed two years ago, and Wheat Ridge was the last local holdout. But now it looks like Furr's is gone for good from Colorado.

Does that news make you nostalgic? Hear from other fans of Furr's here.

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davebarnes topcommenter

Too much competition from Country Buffet and Golden Trough.


Devastating news for Jenn!

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I grew up in Roswell so Furr's was a family staple every Sunday after church - also provided me with my first job "Would you like a dinner roll or some jalepeno cornbread today?"  Very fond memories of the "millionaire pie", hot apple dumplings, that cornbread with some mustard greens and the baked halibut.  Sadly, there was nothing memorable about the few visits I made to Furr's since moving to Denver after college.  No loss IMO.

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