Reader: Will the bitching about green chile/chili ever end?

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Lori Midson
Green chil at Boone's, our 2013 Best of Denver winner.
When Mayor Michael Hancock made his wager with the mayor of Seattle on the outcome of Sunday's Super Bowl, he promised to send a selection of green chile (among other non-edibles) if the Denver Broncos lose. Which immediately created a stir in New Mexico, which claims green chile as its own. But as any Denver diner knows, Colorado has created its own unique take on green chile, much more gravy-like, often porkorific and studded with tomatoes. Hancock's bet includes several green chiles from home-grown outfits -- but it also includes green chile from Little Anita's, a chain out of Albuquerque.

Is there a flag on that play?

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Says Kevin476:

Well, Hancock is smart, he recognizes the majority of Denver green chile is awful. He is offering up New Mexican green chile from both Little Anita's and Jack-n-Grill. If you visit New Mexico you will quickly realize that chile from both of those places is mediocre at best....

Says Chad:

Little Anita's is good, but you're right that we'd need real Colorado green chile.

And then there's this from bondadprevalece:
Oh my god, will the bitching about green chile/chili ever end?
In a word, no. The competition between Washington and Colorado is intense right now -- but it's nothing compared to the ongoing green chile/chili competition between New Mexico and Colorado.

What's your favorite green chile in Denver? Boone's won the Best Green Chile award in the Best of Denver 2013, and we're on the hunt for the next winner. Post your nominations below.

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The problem is nomenclature.  What Denver is referring to is "green chile stew", not "green chile".  "Green Chile" refers to the pepper, only to the pepper, and to nothing but the pepper.  Also, what you're pouring on burritos is green chile stew, and it's been eaten here in NM for some time. 


As a former Denver resident now living in NM I'm scratching my head over Colorado's claim to green chile.  I don't recall seeing every restaurant -- including McDonald's, Wendy's and Subway -- having green chile as a staple condiment in Denver like in Albuquerque.


Oops, my comment. Every time these arguments start up I just always picture Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants working in the kitchen while listening to a bunch of white people in the dining room argue about the authenticity of Mexican food.


@bondadprevalece  The whole point of Green Chile is that it's not Mexican food. It's New Mexican food. Green Chile is on the burgers, pastas, stir fry, even in the wine and beer.
Denver claiming Green Chile is theirs is akin to New Jersey claiming the Philly Cheesesteak.


@planetfirkins - Exactly. Some of us "white people" were born here and grew up in the culture. I've also heard much louder indignation about this from my Hispanic friends than anybody else.

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