Guess where I'm drinking a mid-day, chill-chasing bourbon cocktail?

Lori Midson

I'm not a day drinker, but yesterday's blast of arctic air convinced me to do away with old habits and embrace a hot cocktail with plenty of bourbon, apple cider and a cinnamon stick tossed in for good measure. Day drinking isn't so bad after all.

Can you guess where I'm drinking?

Special bonus: Anyone who gives the first correct answer to a Guess Where post is entered into a pool -- and every Monday, we select one lucky winner who'll receive an EatDenver dining deck, worth up to $520 in discounts at independent restaurants. Read all about EatDenver dining decks here.

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I'm not a day drinker...unless that particular day happens to end in 'y'...

Jason Dennee
Jason Dennee

The answer has to be The Hornet! I'm sitting next to that Heineken tap right now.

Sterling Meeks Isatool
Sterling Meeks Isatool

I heard drinking bourbon makes you watch sports , like women and socialize with people . No Thanks!

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