Guess where I'm eating kung pao chicken with a side of amusing service?

Lori Midson

The dishes at this suburban strip mall restaurant are straight-ahead Americanized Chinese, which appeases my picky parents, who don't have adventurous palates and always order their fish and meat at temperatures that would set a house ablaze. But while chicken feet, duck blood soup and fried cow stomach lining are absent from the menu, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the food, which is very good, and the service, at least if you're lucky enough to have the gentleman who waited on is, is absolutely hilarious. And I mean that in a good way. I wish more servers had a sense of humor like this guy.

Can you guess where I'm eating?

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Ah, parents. I tried to take mine to get Vietnamese a few months back, but my dad wouldn't stop talking about how he "hates Chinese food."

davebarnes topcommenter

The problem with the photo is lack of identifying marks.

The spoon, plate and food could be from any of 50 "Chinese" restaurants.


"...there's absolutely nothing wring with the food..." Copy Editor - wrong?

Mantonat topcommenter

@davebarnes Maybe there are other clues - the amount of unchopped peanuts, the funny waiter, the lack of a "secret" menu. The plate could be a clue too, and the fact that Lori actually liked the food. Denver diners are pretty astute; I'm sure someone will get it right.

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