Reader: Anyone who waits in line for ninety minutes needs to have their head checked

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A few bloody Marys at the Highland Tavern bar and you won't mind the wait.
On Saturday, when a restaurant-industry pal was craving tater tots for his 25th birthday breakfast, we headed to Highland Tavern, renowned for its homemade tater tots -- and very long brunch lines. A wait that was originally estimated at half an hour translated to ninety minutes before we finally got to order -- but in the meantime, we took advantage of the balmy weather to stroll the neighborhood, checking out some of the other projects that will soon try to take a bite out of the LoHi dining dollar.

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The Highland Tavern opened seven years ago, long before this area became one of Denver's hottest dining destinations. But still, an hour and a half wait for brunch? Since we were in no hurry and the food that finally landed at our table (including this chicken-fried steak) was great, we considered it time well spent. But it also got us thinking about other places around town with crazy-long waitlists. And judging from the guesses that came in yesterday, there are plenty of them: Jelly, Snooze, Lucile's...

There are also diners who would never wait that long:

Says John:

If you wait that long anywhere for a meal, then you need to learn to plan.

Foodcrazy goes further:
Anyone who waits in line for ninety minutes for ANYTHING needs to have their head checked.
What restaurants have the longest lines? And which of restaurants are worth a ninety-minute wait? Post your nominations below.

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Highland Tavern

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Courtney Wyatt
Courtney Wyatt

No restaurants in Denver. For sure, many others outside of CO!


No food establishment is worth a ninety minute wait to eat. Not one.


I'm adding that in our author's Irish bar piece, she mentioned she strolled around the neighborhood while she waited for her table. It's not as if she actually waited in a "line" a la Portlandia's brunch episodes. Too much is being made of this, especially given that it's a weekend brunch service.


If you are waiting that long for breakfast, you clearly aren't even hungry and should just stay in bed. There are plenty of great brunch places in this town that don't require a ridiculous wait.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I can whip up a pretty amazing brunch in 90 minutes and don't even have to change out of my jammies.  I can certainly scramble better looking eggs.


Snooze, Highland Tavern, Jelly, Mona's  --- all long waits for brunches you can get at so many other good places, places that the hipsters have either passed on or passed over.
Want great eggs and pancakes with an unbeatable view? 'Breakfast on the Edge' on Sheridan.
Out of this world french toast? The Universal on 38th. (perfect option for Highland Taverm)
So many other places in town, but to prevent the hipsters from crowding me out, I'll keep those in my pocket.


90 minutes is pretty ridiculous. At that point it seems like you're less concerned about actually eating and more concerned about being seen eating at that restaurant.

davebarnes topcommenter

I would not wait 90 minutes even for Z Cuisine.

I plan ahead.


The real question is: Why were scrambled eggs ordered? This dish begs for a runny yolk

WillieStortz topcommenter



While I love the Universal, the last time I was there the wait was over an hour and the hipster ratio is higher than mustache night at Old Major.

I have yet to check out The Edge but from the looks at the lines on the weekend the wait isn't going to be much shorter than 40 minutes.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


 Another good place is the Lookin' Good cafe on 1st and Sheridan Blvd


@Michael564 The Universal is great. Luckily the masses tend to stay out of Sunnyside and Berkeley for weekend brunch (jinx).


@WillieStortz I suppose it all depends on when you go. I like my brunch between 11:30 and 1. I've never waited more than 20 minutes at he Edge, and the was a beautiful day with all the outside tables filled.
At The Universal
, I've showed up just before 1 both times and had zero wait. Maybe I just got lucky. :-)

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