Native Foods to add third Colorado location

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California-based Native Foods will be adding its thirdNative Foods Cafe location in Colorado -- this one at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Evans Avenue.

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Native Foods Cafe brings plant-based fast-casual to Glendale

The plant-based fast-casual chain, which specializes in inexpensive vegan fare, got its start in Palm Springs twenty years ago, and has since expanded to several more California cities, as well as Chicago. It's definitely picked up the pace in Colorado recently.

Last fall, it opened a Native Foods Cafe in the new City Set development in Glendale, after first opening a location at29th Street in Boulder.

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Jeff Roth
Jeff Roth

Santa Rosa, California too please !!!


I love Native Foods but can't understand why they're opening a second restaurant so close to the first one in Glendale.


Opps. According to their website, Native Foods was founded in PALM SPRINGS, not Colorado Springs.

"Native Foods Café was founded in 1994 in Palm Springs, California. "

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