Reader: Table dirty? Your server can just scrape that crud onto the floor

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This past weekend we served a second helping of Sean Kenyon's list of the ten rudest things servers and bartenders do -- a list based on his almost thirty-year career in service. "What really gets to me is when people in my industry treat guests like they're doing the guests a favor by taking care of them," he says. "In my opinion, the hospitality starts with us regardless of the attitude or actions of our guests. It is our job to turn any poor treatment around; that's what we are here for." But apparently not at Olive Garden, according to one of the many readers who commented on this column.

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Says Blondy:

Olive Garden true story...we were escorted to a table that had not been wiped down with a bar towel. It had visible food leavings on it when the hostess tried to seat us. I mentioned that the table had food on it and could someone please clean it before we sit. She took the edge of the menu and scraped the crud onto the floor, then tossed the menus on the table and walked off. I wrote a letter to both the manager and the corporate response. We don't go to the Olive Garden any more.
What was your worst service experience at a restaurant -- Olive Garden or not? And to give customers equal time, read the "Ten rudest things customers do to make servers wish you'd never come into their restaurant."

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davebarnes topcommenter

"We don't go to the Olive Garden any more."

Why did you EVER go?

Certain places in life need NEVER to be experienced. Such as: Olive Garden, Applebees, any "Italian" restaurant chain, Golden Corral, Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, etc.


Is it just me or if Cafe Society not updating properly? I can only access new posts from the main restaurants page.

davebarnes topcommenter

I had this problem about 1 week ago.

patricia.calhoun moderator editortopcommenter

@bondadprevalecewe didn't hear of any other problems; let us know if you're still having trouble. you can e-mail me at

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